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Follow the Leader

          An y successful organization has some form of established leadership. Those in leadership are not always the smartest, the strongest, the wisest, or the noblest, but they do possess qualities that contribute to the overall success of the organization. When leadership is complemented by a supportive support system, success is almost assuredly guaranteed. And they answered Joshua, saying, All that thou commandest us we will do, and whithersoever thou sendest us, we will go. Josh 1:16 (KJV) In Joshua’s day, the leaders confirmed their support of Joshua’s leadership as they entered into Canaan. This was because they understood that God placed him in charge. If they wanted to please God, they would follow the leader that He gave. It would be for their benefit. The same applies in the Church. In the Church, God gives us leaders and individuals with leadership skills for the overall well-being and advancement of the community of believers. If we learn to support leadership, it

Remember to Help Others

A foundational element of the Christian walk is service. Christ commanded His followers to love and serve one another. This is in direct opposition to the course of the world. Society tells you to look out for yourself. You worked hard to achieve and acquire what you have and others just need to do the same. However, God is merciful and compassionate demonstrating undeserved kindness and favor to all. But ye shall pass before your brethren armed, all the mighty men of valour, and help them; Until the LORD have given your brethren rest, as he hath given you, and they also have possessed the land which the LORD your God giveth them: then ye shall return unto the land of your possession, and enjoy it…Josh 1:14-15 (KJV) As Israel prepared to enter into Canaan, two and half of the tribes had already received their inheritance in the land. However, Joshua urged them to leave their promise and help the other tribes possess theirs as well. What? They were told to help others accomplish wha

Time to Make Some Changes

L ife can be unpredictable. Events occur that force us to make changes – sometimes quickly and unexpectedly. Some are able to adjust and recover quickly. Others are able to accommodate the changes with a little effort and time. However, some are not able to respond to the changes that certain situations demand.  As Christians, we have to remember that we can do all things through Christ. In our Christian walk, though, there are times when God will require us to make changes as we strive to live for Him. Pass through the host, and command the people, saying, Prepare you victuals; for within three days ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land, which the LORD your God giveth you to possess it. Josh 1:11 (KJV) Israel was preparing to enter into Canaan. For forty years, they have received bread from heaven, but now they had to go and gather their own food. They had to change their approach to living as they entered into God’s promises. If we are to receive certai