Spiritual Stimulus Package

         For the past few years, we have seen the American economy take one of the biggest hits in decades. To combat this downward spiral, the government gave the American people a stimulus check, hoping to jump-start the economy. Well, spiritually, it seems that many Christians are experiencing spiritual recessions and are in need of a spiritual stimulus package from the Lord.

Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? Psalms 85:6 (KJV)

         The psalmist asked God if He would revive His people that they could rejoice again. Have you felt the strain and stress of life recently? Is the joy of your salvation diminishing? Today, you can expect God to send you a stimulus package. The psalmist asked God two questions. The answer to these questions to you on this day is “Yes.” God’s stimulus package is being sent to you.

          This package contains joy (which will be unspeakable and full of glory). It contains peace (which passes understanding – you will not know why you have it). It will also contain power (authority and strength to walk in victory even in these hard times). You do not need to wait for it to come, but just ask in faith and stand in expectation. Today, receive God’s spiritual stimulus package.

Prayer of the Week:

“I trust you on this day Lord. You will provide some cool refreshing in the midst of the heat of life. I thank you for it now. Amen.”

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