Trusting Beyond Truth


Well, well, well… what can I say? So many trials, tests, and tribulations continue to challenge the faith of Christians everywhere. But, on today, I have one charge for the Christian – Do not the let the truth of your circumstances change your trust in God.

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God…Psalms 42:11 (KJV)

Some people try to tell you not to acknowledge how you feel or “claim” whatever situation is there. However, if you do not acknowledge there is a problem, then you need no help. If you do not acknowledge pain, you need no healing.

Many understand that even if I do not say it, claim it, or acknowledge it, the problem will be there. So, what do we do? Acknowledge what is there, and then let your trust in God bring His solution to whatever is there.

Regardless of what you are facing, do not let down your faith, hope, and trust. God knows how to deliver, when to deliver, and what to deliver. Just know that if you endure to the end, you will surely see His promise, plan, and purpose in your life.

Prayer of the Week:

“I come before you on today Lord asking for grace to overcome my doubts and fears. I ask for joy and peace that passes understanding to be in my life through you. Amen.”

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